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SUPER Forklift Pallets

4 Way Access

Plain Top Surface

 Filled With PE/PU Foam for extra compressive Strength and longer life.

1000 mm x 1200 mm x 150 mm
1200 mm x 1200 mm x 150 mm
These dimensions are given for broad reference. Please keep a tolerance of +/- 2% in all dimensions.

Superior grip and handling. The outer skin of our SUPER forklift pallets is made from Polyethylene.

Better strength and load bearing. The inner filling of SUPER Forklift Pallets is done from Polyethylene (PE)/ Polyurethane (PU) Foam. Polyethylene gives structural strength to whole pallets in tensile as well as compressive load. The raw material is UV stabilized prior to production, ensuring that they are fade-proof even in direct sunlight. Attractive color options are available.
Better ground stability and design. Our 9 legs forklift pallets are best suited for multipurpose applications. When it comes to stacking your inventory on a raised platform, these forklifts can give you a one stop solution with a static load capacity of 3 tons and dynamic load capacity of 1.5 tons

Handle With

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Available Colors:

Light orange paper wall texture. Seamless square background, tile ready. High quality texture in extremely high resolution.




Eco – Forklift Pallets

Economical & Eco-friendly. SUPER Eco-pallets are designed to have less body weight for economical transportation of goods. These pallets are inventively designed to minimise recyclable plastic consumption for lesser carbon footprint.
Innovation Design. SUPER Eco-pallets are flexible and can bear maximum weight and transportation wear and tear with an ease. Our Eco-pallets’ innovative leg design helps it to distribute load evenly for maximum stability. These legs hold to any surface and flexible body design making it best suited for goods transportation, shipment and inventory storage applications. Eco-Forklift pallets are also known as Export pallets since they are used extensively in export.
1100 mm x 1100 mm x 150 mm

Handle With :

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100 % Recyclable
UV Resistant
Non Fading colors
Easy to clean

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