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SUPER Horizontal Storage Tanks

SUPER Horizontal tanks is available in the 3-layer module only.

100 % Recyclable
UV Resistant
Non Fading colors
Easy to clean

The horizontal water tank is quat in shape. This water tank is low in height which makes it an ideal roof top water tank. We don’t need to camouflaged the tank to maintain the exterior look of the building.

Materials:  Hexane Grade C6 Polyethylene (HDPE).

(in Liters)
Length (L)
(in mm)
Width (W)
(in mm)
Height (H)
(in mm)
1000 1500 1100 1000
1500 1800 1250 1150
2000 2000 1325 1225
These dimensions are given for broad reference. Please keep a tolerance of +/- 2% in all dimensions.

Available Colors:

Three Layer Horizontal Tank White only

Line Diagram

SUPER tanks are manufactured from food-grade polyethylene and are safe for use when in contact with drinking water.


UV stabilization prevents any degradation and ensures that there is no cracking, chalking or loss in physical properties of SUPER tanks.


Extra ribs for extra strength

Air tight threaded lid

other-tank-bulge-1 (1)

Other tanks bulge due to lack of ribs

FREE Breather with Tank

Anti Bacterial Tank


Capacity Range 200 L To 25000 L

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