Superplastic – Industrial Products


Non Fading colors
UV Resistant
100 % Recyclable
Easy to clean
Anti Skid

About Us

House of Baroda Polyform Private Limited. With our 30+ years of experience in Rotomoulding , we are now introducing a Floating Solar System. Renewable Energy is important for our sustainable future. We conserve our land resources by using floating systems. Floating Solar Systems are less expensive in the long term use against conventional electricity They help in utilizing our resources to be maximum without having to strife for land which is required for agriculture and other uses. The floating Solar System can be used in all types, and shapes of protected water bodies.


Product Advantages

  • HDPE material
  • Environmental Stress Crack Resistant Material
  • Self Draining Top Deck on all walkways
  • Strong Load Bearing Capacity
  • Easy to install and dismantle
  • UV Stable
  • Walkway between the PV panel rows- for panel cleaning and maintenance
  • Flexible Cable Floating System

The USP’s of the system

  • Environmental Stress Crack Resistant Material
  • Designed for Long Life
  • Low cost of Maintainance due to fewer joints
  • Increased efficiency of the panel due to the cooling power of water
  • Less evaporation of water
  • Floats can be filled with Polyurethane foam if required.
  • Highly flexible rubber grommets at all joints.
  • One float mounts 2 panels
  • In-built cable management system in our float design.

Solar Float Key Features

Material: HDPE. (1) Durable, UV Stable, Tough & Slip Resistant. (2) Float can be filled with Polyurethane foam, if required.
Size: 2.4m (L) x 0.6m(w) x 0.2(H). Walkway: 1.2m(L) x 0.6M(w) x 0.2(H). Buoyancy: 100KG
Color: Grey
Deck: CSIRO slip resistant certified, raised tile platform, self-draining.
Resistance to degration: Extremely high.
Resistance to Impact: Extremely high
Cable System: (1) Flexible Floating, (2) In-built cable management system
Float: (1) One float mounts 2 panels (2) Can hold solar panel up to 512 watts.
Installation: (1) Easy to install & dismantle, (2) Highly flexible rubber grommets at all joints
Walkway: Walkway between PV panel rows.