Superplastic – Industrial Products

SUPER Chemical tanks are manufactured using selected grades of resins and are highly resistant to the most aggressive

However, the effect of chemicals on tanks are compounded in relation to extended exposure, elevated temperature and environmental stress.

These factors have to be considered while selecting SUPER chemical tanks.

Now, Super Chemical Tanks can be made from specialized grades of Hexane C6 / Polypropylene (PP) / Cross Link Polypropylene (XLPE)
by doing so we have a larger variety of chemical and handing temperatures in our portfolio.

The information provided in the chart given below is based on limited experience and data obtained from various sources.

Customers are requested to consult us to obtain exact recommendation or they are advised to conduct their own
experiments before finalization.

* Please contact a member of our sales staff for information of adaptability in our tanks
The following legends should be followed under normal conditions:

      R – Resistant
      VR – Variable resistance – SUPER chemical tanks have excellent “Environmental Stress Crack Resistance”.
      NR – Non-Resistance 
      No test data is available
(ESCR)” and are not usually affected by stress cracking chemicals.

But the exact conditions of usage have to be ascertained for final recommendation.P