Super Duos Water Tanks

Second generation 2 layers smart water tanks by Super - Quality water storage

When it comes to manufacturing Water Tanks, SUPER from Baroda Polyform Pvt. Ltd. matches scales with international names. In order to deliver the best quality products, Baroda Polyform Pvt. Ltd. imports Hexene LLDPE resin with high density to make these state of art water tanks. Four layer water tanks are UV protected for durability. These water tanks are designed and manufactured to keep water in original state of purity and freshness. Super Duos water tanks keep water cool to about 10 degrees as compared to hot weather outside the tank, so you can forget about over heated water burns in hot summers running through your tap. Engineered to perfection Super water tanks can keep your water bacteria and algae free for longer time, taking care for your health and family.

SUPER 2nd Generation Edge :

> Super’s Ultra Fresh tank gives your tank protection against bacteria and fungal attack
> Cleaner water
> Reduced slime (biofilm) on inside of tank
> Reduced contamination in water
> Stops growth of bacteria which adhere to the walls of tank
> Odourless & colourless treatment
> The triple layered “UV” Stabilized Tank, having Insulated Middle layer, to keep the water Cool even in Summer
> Made from 100% virgin FDA approved polyethylene
> Completely safe for drinking water
> Month and Year of manufacture embossed on each tank
> Light in Weight & Maintenance free
> Tanks above 5000 ltrs. capacity having side manhole for Easy Accessibility

Available Sizes
Capacity (lts.) Diameter (mm.) Height (mm.) Manhole (mm.)
200 670 660 300
300 760 770 300
500 910 900 410
750 1020 1020 410
1000 1130 1140 410
1500 1360 1230 410
2000 1360 1670 410
2000 1510 1370 410
3000 1690 1630 410
5000 2120 1620 410
6000 1810 2690 470
7000 2020 2430 470
10000 2520 2350 470
15000 3060 2450 470
20000 3540 2450 470
25000 3540 2950 470

More Features :

Embossed Year :

Every Super Duos Tank has an embossing of year of manufacturing on it body, this helps our customers to claim warranty easily without any hassel.Super offers a pro-rata warranty of 3 years on all water tank models.

Air Vent :

Super Ultra comes with an Air Vent, which facilitates cross ventilation, keeping stored water clean and fresh for weeks.

Water Tight Threaded Lid :

Super Duos comes with an Water Tight lid, which keeps dirt and files out of the tank, keeping stored water clean and fresh for weeks. All Super Water Tanks come with extra tough rids for extra strengths which gives longer life to tanks that extends beyond decades. This water tight screwable (Threaded) lid which keeps rain water and monkey out of the tank, helps keeping water clean and fresh for weeks.

Lifting Hook Hole:

To lift water tanks on the roof-top of Appartment Buildings, Houses etc. Super Tanks have a lifiting lug hole to tie lifting ropes into for tank lifting and installation purpose, without deforming the water tank.

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