Slim line Planter

SLIM LINE | Complement your home and office interiors with all new Slim line planters from Super

Slim line Planters have been designed to give a phenomenal lighting experience and uniform sight of the product from all possible points of perception. Finished to perfection the Slim line Planter is a product which doesn’t fights for its existence for not being contemporary but being a classic, revived to make it more acceptable to your design themes of interior and outdoor applications. Slim line Planter from Super are very symmetrically shaped and added with translucency, to give a uniform lighting around the areas of applications. These Slim line Planter are available in various shapes and sizes, offered in multiple colours and lighting options as per your application needs.

Model Name Dimension
G.1.A 400 X 300
G.1.B 600 X 450
G.1.C 800 X 600

All dimensions in MM. ( w X h )

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